February 4 to 6, 2019
Barcie International Center
City of Malolos, Philippines

In pursuit of excellence and subsequent to the successes of the International Conference for Interdisciplinary Research Innovations: ICIRI 1 in 2013, ICIRI 2 in 2014, and ICIRI 3 in 2015, the brings the on at the

is dubbed with the theme, ICIRI aims to forge new partnerships and collaborations between and among researchers and institutions; provide room for scholarly exchange of ideas, issues and trends; share know-hows and recreate academic, as well as, cultural growth; and nurture the culture of research in the midst of globalization and internationalization.

The location of ICIRI 4 is the historic which was the site of the First Philippine Constitutional Convention in 1898 which paved the way to the establishment of the First Philippine Republic, the First Republic in the Asian Continent, led by the first President of the Philippines, General Emilio Aguinaldo. The Congress of the Revolutionary Government of the Philippines convened at the Barasoain Church located in on September 15, 1898.

The City of Malolos is known as the home of heroes and artists. The City offers a wide array of sweet and delicious Filipino delicacies, like the inipit and ensaimada.


● Communication and Media
● Social Sciences
● Literature
● Philosophy and Religion
● Effective Teaching Pedagogies
● Learning Styles and Learning Outcomes
● Technology-based Instructions
● Educational Management
● Special Education
● Maritime Education
● Higher Education
● Best Practices in Research and Publication
● Journal Accreditation and Evaluation
● Research Ethics across Disciplines
● Academic Integrity Policy
● Organizational Development
● Trends in Human Resource Management
● Quality Assurance in Organizations
● Trends in Business Management and Marketing
● Experimental Results in the Sciences
● Challenges in Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Management
● Modeling Studies in Business Administration
● Qualitative Methods in Business and Education
● Economics
● Work and Employment Relations
● Leadership and Organization Behavior
● Innovation and Strategy
● Corporate Social Responsibility
● Bio-Engineering
● Chemical and Process Engineering
● Civil Engineering
● Computer Science & Software Engineering
● Forestry
● Oil and Gas
● Health
● Safety and Environment
● Science and Clinical Laboratory
● Ecology and Conservation
● Interdisciplinary Researches

Keynote Speakers

Dean, Faculty of Medical Science
Director,Innovation Hubs for Thailand 4.0
Naresuan University
Prof. Enayat A. Shabani, Ph.D.
Director, TUMS International Affairs & Development
Head, International Student Admissions
Prof. Emeritus Chitr Sitthi-amorn MD, Ph.D. FACP
Saint Louis College
Professor of Education
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City PHILIPPINES


November 10, 2018Deadline of Abstract Submission
November 30, 2018Deadline of Presentation Consideration Submission
November 15, 2018Deadline of Final Payment for Registration